June 2016 archive

directing a new play workshop

Thursday June 23, 2016

My final project as a part of Factory Theatre‘s inaugural Factory Foremen this year is directing a play workshop with one of the playwrights in the Factory Foundry. I got paired with the smart and wickedly funny Marina Moreira. Her play is titled Marry Me Marry Me Marry Me Marry Me and we had a blast putting it together with a cast of eight for the final Factory Wired works-in-progress presentation earlier this week.

img_8073Sneakers and laptop chargers are necessary items for dramaturgy sessions. Playwright MM pictured.

Staying hydrated is also a necessity for reading new plays.

img_8098Sometimes directors read the stage directions at play readings. 

Working on new plays is a bit like a magical choose your own adventure. You know the audience has never heard the story before so together you can choose which moments to resonate and carve out the path for the first audience to follow. I look forward to revisiting the piece down the road.